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Stephanie Mullen
Worcester, Massachusetts

Hi! I’m Stephanie. I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher (200hr) and ayurvedic yoga specialist (120hr). I’m currently working towards a breathwork training certification for continuing education. I also enjoy taking classes in new and different styles of yoga, and tracing the history and evolution of each unique lineage. Since becoming certified as a Pretzel Kids yoga teacher, I have been enjoying my time teaching yoga to children. It has allowed me to tap into a joyful, fun energy and I find that the children really enjoy my classes. I love that the kids are able to use their imaginations and fully express themselves. They also have periods of stillness and turning inwards, which is so helpful for when they leave their mats and return to their normal routines. I’m new to the north-central Massachusetts area and I’m excited to share my offerings in the Worcester county and surrounding area!

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