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Pretzel Kids Yoga Classes: Designed for Kids by Educators

What Makes Pretzel Kids Yoga Classes So Special?

Our Children’s Yoga Classes are curriculum based and play based

Created by school teachers, Pretzel Kids Yoga classes are engaging, playful, and fun!

Pretzel Kids Yoga Classes are structured

Each Pretzel Kids class is structured so that your child gets a well-rounded yoga experience with a beginning, middle, and end.

Our Children’s yoga classes instill lifelong skills

Kids learn important yoga and mindfulness skills that they can carry throughout their lives.

Yoga Classes are age-appropriate

Pretzel Kids classes are tailored to the appropriate age and  developmental stage of your child (you won’t see any “yoga babysitting” classes for ages 2 to 14!) Our teachers meet kids where they are and children love having fun with their peers!

All classes are taught by certified Pretzel Kids yoga teachers

Every class is taught by a qualified instructor who follows the Pretzel Kids curriculum. Of course, each teacher also infuses their own special sauce and classes include original themes, games, activities,  and mindfulness techniques. 

Pretzel Kids yoga is an investment in your child’s happiness

Did you know that kids can experience tremendous stress? Luckily, Pretzel Kids classes offer children the opportunity to relax, breathe, get fit and have a blast! Kids love Pretzel Kids classes and leave classes smiling. ‘Nuff said.

Yoga Classes For Children - Pretzel Kids
Yoga Classes For Children - Pretzel Kids
Yoga Classes For Children - Pretzel Kids
Pretzel Kids Yoga, printable shop

Check out our printable shop with cool yoga pose cards for children, mindfulness activities for kids, and more!

Hire Pretzel Kids for A Birthday Party or Event

Want to hire a Pretzel Kids teacher for your event or child’s birthday party? No problem! We’ll work with you to create an awesome themed yoga party or community event that will be the talk of the town. Let’s make your event or party simply magical. Schedule your party or event today! 

We have several party packages available. We book up fast so reach out to us today for pricing and information!

Hire Pretzel Kids for birthday party and events