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Our Story, Pretzel Kids

Our Story

One day, while running my former suburban Boston yoga studio, I got a call from a school looking for a kids yoga teacher. So, I sent one of my 200-hour trained yoga teachers to teach the class. It was a freakin’ disaster.

Why? She was the best-darned vinyasa yoga teacher in town BUT she had no idea how to teach a kids yoga class for 10 first-graders. Instead of throwing my hands up, I decided to do something about this: I teamed up with two school teachers (who are also yoga instructors) to write and create a curriculum on how to teach kids yoga. The three of us spent the next year plus creating a structured teaching method that works! 

Pretzel Kids Yoga was born and we began training others to teach yoga to kids. Before we knew it, we couldn’t keep up with the demand for Pretzel Kids yoga teachers and classes in the Boston area.

Years later, we had another ‘aha’ moment. We needed to find a way to train teachers faster, from the convenience of their own homes. This way moms, yogis, fitness enthusiasts, retirees, educators and YOU can start teaching Pretzel Kids yoga classes and bring this proven curriculum into schools and communities across the globe. 

From there, the Pretzel Kids Method and Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA) was launched!

Flash forward to right now: We know we are onto something, something BIG. Our kids yoga classes are in high demand and Pretzel Kids yoga is growing like veggies on steroids. Our instructors and classes are now all over the United States and world, and schools and organizations can’t wait to implement Pretzel Kids classes and programs.

We hope you’ll join us as we continue ‘Spreading Joy from Head to Toes, It All Begins in Pretzel Pose.’


Robyn, Founder of Pretzel Kids

Our Story, Pretzel Kids

Meet Our Team

Robyn Paretz, Pretzel Kids

Robyn Parets, CEO and founder

You could say I’m a serial entrepreneur….But let’s back up a bit and talk about yoga. I’ve been in the yoga space for 20 years, first as an instructor and then owner of a yoga studio in Boston. For more than a decade, I ran that thriving studio. I have personally taught thousands of kids and adult yoga classes, workshops and retreats. Along the way, I also trained hundreds of 200-hour RYTs and kids yoga instructors. In 2016, I  successfully sold the studio property to scale Pretzel Kids, filling a void in the yoga space with qualified children’s yoga teachers.

Along with my yoga ventures, I am also a business writer and speaker in the wellness and start-up community. I believe everyone should have at least 3 careers – and always follow their passion. For me that meant that – once upon a time – I was a newspaper reporter. From there, I discovered a love of business and found my niche as a financial journalist with Investor’s Business Daily (IBD). I went on to write for several business publications and knew that entrepreneurship was my calling.

Today, I spend my free time pretending I know how to cook, renovating my house with flea market finds, teaching yoga and meditation, kayaking in New Hampshire, taking photos of faraway lands, and hanging out with my 3 sons, 2 dogs and 1 husband. You can learn more about my long and windy road here. Also check out my Pretzel Kids teacher profile.

Joel Lehrer, Pretzel Kids

Joel Lehrer, Head of legal affairs

I’m the one who keeps the brand humming along at Pretzel Kids. In addition to handling contracts, intellectual property, trademarks, and other fun stuff, I’m a Boston-based patent attorney at a large international law firm, specializing in helping tech startups.

I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in engineering (go Bears!) and Suffolk University Law School. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs, hanging out at the beach and playing golf.

Louise Prickett

Louise Prickett, Social media manager

Hi, I’m Louise! My passion for marketing led me to social media marketing almost 8 years ago now, when I hit the ground running. This was around the time social media was really beginning to BOOM for businesses. I am proud to still have the same level of love for it now – many years on – and I am so honored to work with brands like Pretzel Kids. Working alongside this incredible team, I look forward to growing the brand online and supporting them every step of the way.

Amanda Klein, Pretzel Kids

Amanda Klein, Online Business Manager and Assistant to the CEO

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m the Online Business Manager at Pretzel Kids as well as Robyn’s assistant. I’m a former executive assistant with a passion for helping business owners reclaim their freedom and get back to doing what they love most: being a CEO. I’ve worn many hats in the corporate world and I’m also a single mom to three young men. Through my personal development journey, I’ve learned to appreciate every moment of life and live it to the fullest. With a love for the outdoors, travel, and adventure, I’m always on the move, seeking out the next challenge. Most recently I became a flight attendant and when I’m not assisting with Pretzel Kids, you can find me 35,000 feet in the sky off on my next adventure!

Kate Gilbert

Kate Gilbert, Website Manager

Website developer by day, yoga teacher by night – I find much-needed balance both on and off the screen! I joined Pretzel Kids in 2023 to support the launch of the new pretzelkids.com, and bring 15+ years of WordPress expertise to the Pretzel Kids website. I became a Vinyasa yoga teacher in 2021 and a Pretzel Kids yoga teacher in 2023. I live in Jupiter, FL with my husband and two kids, who sometimes let me lead them in yoga, too. When I’m not at the keyboard or on the yoga mat, you can find me hiking, paddle boarding, and traveling to far-flung locales for yoga retreats.

Danny Schatz
Danny Schatz, Marketing Intern

Hello hello! My name is Danny, and I’m thrilled to be joining Pretzel Kids as an intern. I’ll be helping out in PR/advertising, sales, and in any way I can. Growing up in Mexico, my mom always wanted me to get into yoga, but I guess I needed the stress and chaos of college to appreciate how much goodness can come from some simple stretching and breathing. I am currently a student at Suffolk University in Boston.

Tvisha Patel, Pretzel Kids

Tvisha Patel, Content writer

Hello there, my name is Tvisha! I am a blog writer for Pretzel Kids and can’t wait to grow with the community. I share new content about all things yoga and Pretzel Kids! I enjoy doing yoga in my free time as it’s a great stress reliever for me. Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business – York University, in Ontario, Canada. A few of my interests consist of music, exploring nature and photography.

Meet Our Teachers

How can we help you?


The Pretzel Kids yoga program was developed by educators. It’s fun, engaging and most importantly, it works! With Pretzel Kids, you can bring kids yoga into your school, studio, camp, gym, organization or recreation center.


The Pretzel Kids Method prepares you to plan, structure, sequence and lead creative yoga classes for toddlers to teens. Plus, Pretzel Kids gives you marketing, branded licensing, and teaching support long after your training ends!


You may have already heard about the benefits of yoga for kids. Now you want your child to experience a little bit of this zen, right? Well, no need to do a Google search to  ‘find a kids yoga class near me.’ Just get in touch with us or find a Pretzel Kids teacher near you!