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Learn to Teach Kids Yoga

Start a Side Hustle, Lead Classes, Teach in School, or Launch a New Career!

Kids Love Pretzel Kids Yoga and So Will YOU!

Once you become a Pretzel Kids yoga instructor, you can teach your own classes and events. And, you’ll help kids get fit, improve their self-esteem, and learn the lifelong skills of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. 

What’s not to like about that?

5 Reasons the Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Training is so Special

The Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training and curriculum was developed by educators. That’s why it works.

When you enroll in our children’s yoga teacher training course, you can become a licensed Pretzel Kids instructor and member of the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA).

You’ll get all the teaching, business, branding and marketing support you need to run successful Pretzel Kids classes in your community.

We’ve been running kids yoga training courses since 2005 and have trained hundreds of instructors. We know what we’re doing and we’re thrilled to pass these skills along to YOU!

The Pretzel Kids Method is intuitive and simple. If you want to teach kids, you don’t need to spend 200 hours in yoga teacher training. We teach you how to lead classes for kids in just 12 hours.

The Pretzel Kids Method yoga training is fun!

Pretzel Kids, How to get on the fastest growing yoga trend

4 reasons why teaching yoga to kids is a growing trend, and how to get in on it!

    Want to Teach Kids Yoga?

    Follow these 3 Easy Peasy Steps!

    number one

    Enroll in our online Pretzel Kids Method certification course and learn to teach kids yoga.

    number two

    Join the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA) and become a licensed Pretzel Kids instructor (you’ll get this 4-1-1 as soon as you sign up for the course!)

    number three

    With access to all of our branding, teaching and marketing tools, it’s your time to shine and teach Pretzel Kids classes!

    Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Pretzel Kids Method Course


    Module #1: How to Set up Your Classes

    This is where we introduce the Pretzel Kids Method and approach to teaching. You’ll learn both how to begin your classes and manage your students. We also spend time reviewing specific centering tips and tools for appropriate age groups. 


    Module #2: Pranayama/Breathing Practices

    Breathe in, breathe out….Ahhhhh. This is where we review the Pretzel Kids-themed breathing techniques and activities. 


    Module #3: Warm-ups

    Let’s get moving and grooving. In this segment, you’ll learn specific Pretzel Kids warm-up techniques and activities. 


    Module #4: Sun Salutations

    Let’s salute the sun! Here we’ll review the poses in a typical Pretzel Kids sun salutation. This includes proprietary Pretzel Kids sun salutation games and activities. Woo hoo! 


    Module #5: Games: The Heart of Your Class

    We LOVE games and you will too! In this module, we have a ton of fun (and laughs)! Get ready to learn our most popular Pretzel Kids yoga games for all ages! Plus, learn how to theme your games. 


    Module #6: Cool Down

    Time to chillax! In this segment, you’ll learn specific Pretzel Kids cool-down asanas and activities to bring the energy down. 


    Module #7: Re-Centering

    What do we mean by re-centering? Good question! This is where you’ll learn how to ground your class to prepare for the final relaxation pose. This includes specific breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques. 


    Module #8: Savasana

    Savasana, also known as the final resting pose, is one of our all-time favorite kids yoga poses at Pretzel Kids! Believe it or not, kids in our classes LOVE savasana. Why? Because this is a fun and relaxing end-of-class activity that children of all ages actually look forward to! During this module, you’ll learn how to facilitate savasanas that work!

    Want to Learn Even More about the Pretzel Kids Method Teacher Training?

    Teach Kids Yoga, Pretzel Kids Yoga
    Teach Kids Yoga, Pretzel Kids Yoga

    What Happens After You Get Certified to Teach Kids Yoga?

    Besides the fact that you’ll know how to teach kids yoga, you can become a licensed Pretzel Kids instructor by joining the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA)*. This is a business-in-a-box membership program where we give you all the teaching, business, branding and marketing support you need to run successful Pretzel Kids classes in your community! 

    A full year of the PkTA membership comes with our all-inclusive annual online course package.

    6 Awesome Perks that Come with the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association

    1. Job Placement Opportunities

    When you’re a member of the PkTA, we’ll help you get job placements in schools, camps and other locations!  Plus, you’ll have the ability to teach directly for Pretzel Kids if we have an opportunity at a business near you. 

    2. Our Branding

    You get a license to use the Pretzel Kids name, logos, brochures, brand images, marketing materials, and more. This is not to be confused with an expensive franchise. We operate as a membership and as long as you’re a PkTA member, you can use our resources to run a class-based Pretzel Kids biz in your own community. How cool is that?

    3. A Profile Page on our Website

    You get an optional profile page and bio on our website. Parents and schools will be able to find YOU and sign up for your programs. Your profile page can also include your social media links and photo. Say cheese!

    4. Monthly Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

    We deliver monthly lesson plans right to you, as well as videos that you can use in the classes you teach! 

    5. Ongoing Training

    We offer ongoing virtual training classes and meetups focusing on different topics like: ‘How to Price Classes and Increase Enrollments’, and ‘How to Teach Kids with Special Needs.’ 

    6. Exclusive Community

    We offer an exclusive, supportive online community. You can ask questions, grab a teaching resource, download a brochure, and send messages to other teachers and staff via our app!

    Start Training Today. Start Teaching Tomorrow!

    In less than 12 hours you can become a certified Pretzel Kids Yoga teacher — from your couch — with more opportunities than you can imagine. Start now and learn how to teach kids yoga!


    Your first month’s membership is FREE!

    $498 for the full course and first-month membership

    And $49/month after that to continue as a PkTA member

    (We’ve rolled back our prices to give you this OM-azing deal!)

    Please note: You have access to the course for 6 months from the time of enrollment. Course remains active for members.

    $498 then $49/month

    PREMIUM (best deal!)

    SAVE almost $400 (that’s like getting 8 months FREE!)

    $798 for the full course PLUS first-year membership then $49/month after that to continue as a PkTA member.

    PLUS Special Needs bonus mini-course: $99 – FREE for YOU!

    (This OM-azing package, with rolled WAY back prices, is our BEST deal of the year and our way to help you get up and running!)

    Please note: You have access to the course for 12 months, and then for as long as you remain a member after your first year.

    $1,185 $798

    (then $49/month after one year to continue in the PkTA)

    (then $49/month after one year to continue in the PkTA)

    *If opting for this payment plan, both payments must be made in full.

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