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Welcome to the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association

The Premiere Kids Yoga Business-in-a-Box!

Do you want to start a kids yoga business and get more exposure for your children’s yoga classes? Are you a yoga teacher looking for ongoing teaching resources and support? 

You’ve come to the right place!

The Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA) gives you the tools to start, build and grow your very own kids yoga business and increase class enrollments – using the Pretzel Kids name, brand, logos and more! Plus, you’ll never be alone in your children’s yoga journey. 

And guess what? The Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA) is open to both certified Pretzel Kids instructors AND those who have taken another training course!

There’s only one prerequisite to join: You’ve got to be a children’s yoga instructor or 200-hour yoga teacher who has worked with kids. Want to know if you qualify? 

Yoga Teacher Membership- Pretzel Kids

Not a Kids Yoga Teacher Yet?

No worries. Start your training with the Pretzel Kids Method teacher certification course! 

Let’s Dive into the Top Reasons to Join the PkTA

✔ You want to teach kids yoga BUT you don’t want to pull your hair out figuring out all the things. By that, I mean stuff like: how to do all the tech stuff (yuck), how to get kids signed up for your classes, and how to stand out in a very crowded field.


✔ You want to share your teaching talents, be part of a vibrant and supportive community,and finally enjoy financial freedom

✔ You want to make a positive impact in the lives of children without the struggle of trying to start a business.

We make it SIMPLE for you to do what you love…TEACH KIDS YOGA!

What’s Included in the PkTA?

The ability to get directly hired by Pretzel Kids for teaching jobs in your community

The rights (also called ‘license’) to use our name, logos, brochures, brand images, marketing materials and more to market your kids yoga classes. This means you become a licensee (without any hefty fees).

Your own profile page on the Pretzel Kids website and class locator. This will enable studios, parents and school directors to find and hire you directly for teaching gigs, birthday parties and more.

Free adult yoga classes via our online partner studio!

Our exclusive community of Pretzel Kids teachers! For starters, you’ll have access to our private group and app, where you’ll get class tips, monthly lesson plans, marketing brochures, class themes and other tools to help you run your Pretzel Kids yoga classes!

Ongoing trainings on topics like: ‘How to Adapt Curriculum to Children with Special Needs’  and ‘How to Price Classes.’

Social media and public relations support, featuring YOU, your classes and events!

Discounts on related services, such as liability insurance.

Uncover 7 ways to earn money teaching yoga for kids, Pretzel Kids

Uncover 7 Ways to Earn Money Teaching Yoga for Kids.

    What’s the catch?

    NOTHING. We don’t earn a cent off your classes. Your only cost is our low membership fee, which is designed to help you increase your earnings using Pretzel Kids branding and resources.  

    We bet you’re thinking: How can Pretzel Kids possibly make any money off this insanely low pricing model that gives me a business-in-a-box? Good question.  

    Here’s the answer: We want to GROW our yoga teacher network so that we can roll out more features, products and services. We also firmly believe that what we are doing is changing the lives of children around the globe. 

    And that’s priceless.

    Yoga Teacher Membership- Pretzel Kids

    Want another reason to join Pretzel Kids?

    The exclusive PkTA Saves you Money and Helps you Earn More Money.

    Better yet, we’re not an expensive franchise and there are no mandatory overhead costs!

    Yoga Teacher Membership- Pretzel Kids

    Not a Kids Yoga Teacher Yet?

    No worries. Start your training with the Pretzel Kids Method teacher certification course! 

    Join the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association!

    Pay just $79 $49 per month

    For this low price, you will get licensing rights to the Pretzel Kids name and logos.

    You’ll also get:   

    The ability to get hired by Pretzel Kids 

    ✔ Your profile on our website for direct job bookings 

    ✔ Our social media support in boosting your business  

    ✔ Monthly lesson plans delivered right to you  

    ✔ Group coaching and ongoing support  

    ✔ Newsletters and blog posts  

    ✔ Membership in our private group (sort of like Facebook but WAY better!)

    ✔ Free yoga classes with our virtual yoga studio partner (prioritize self-care!)

    Please note: You can cancel at any time but your payments are non-refundable once charged.