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Alyssa Linkletter
Laguna Beach, California

Hi my name is Alyssa and I’m in Laguna Beach, California! I am a licensed Pretzel Kids instructor and 200-hour registered yoga teacher. My holistic psychology background ignited my passion for mindful movement-based practices – including qigong, belly dance, and especially yoga. With the flooding of digital technology, I love sharing yoga with children because it helps them return to their mind-body connection through an evidence-supported and ancient tradition. My classes are adapted for contemporary times to spark engagement in children and inspire a sense of adventure, wonder, compassion, and resilience. My aim is to support children in building a foundation that cultivates empowerment throughout their vital developmental stages. Through my experiences working as a teacher at pre-K + elementary enrichment programs, I am an adult that respects and hears kids. I truly enjoy working with them, as their world is incredibly wide and open! I look forward to meeting you and supporting your children as they bloom and grow.

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Enlightened Kids
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As part of our Enlightened Kids program each Sunday, our dedicated teachers provide scientifically proven, age-appropriate meditation techniques. Give your child a life-enhancing gift….MIGHTY MINDS meditation….for calm, focused, happy kids. Enlightened Kids Village opens at 9:50 so parents have plenty of time to attend the Mediation Service at Soul Center OC. Every week includes Sacred Circle Time, Mindfulness Training, Movement and Music, a Simple Spiritual Lesson for Kids and concludes with an experiential craft or exercise to anchor the lesson. Toddlers are welcome.

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Mixed Ages
Newport Beach, CA
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Ongoing: Sundays
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9:50-10:50 AM
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