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Clarissa Robyn
Dedham, Massachusetts

Hi 👋🏽 I’m Clarissa! I wear many hats (people tell me 😊) but they are all hats that I LOVE: a mama of an amazing kiddo, a Montessori educator of 20+ years, AND founder/creative director of Star Path Montessori located in Dedham, Massachusetts. I have been practicing yoga for many years, both for my personal growth and as an educator of young children. I love guiding children in ways of being active with their bodies, gaining awareness of their abilities, and working on mindfulness and self-regulation through a buildup of skills learned. Pretzel Kids® brings so much FUN to the practice of yoga, which allows classes to provide a natural mix of work and play! I am SO EXCITED to have been introduced to the beauty of the Pretzel Kids® program. Now I am able to bring Pretzel Kids to my center, Star Path, and enjoy more yoga for myself- It’s a WIN-WIN!!!

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Parent and Me Yoga
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Join us for some parent and me Pretzel Kids yoga fun!

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Ages 2-6
Saturday, February 3
Dedham, MA
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