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Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

For Schools/Organizations 

How do I hire a yoga teacher?

Contact our CEO, Robyn Parets, to find the perfect program for your school. You can also find a local teacher via our teacher directory. 

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What if I would prefer to have someone on our staff train to become a Pretzel Kids yoga teacher, and offer classes in-house?

That’s great! That individual can sign up for our online Pretzel Kids certification and your teacher will have all the materials and know-how to teach kids yoga classes!

Get Certified

What if I want to train my staff?

We’ve got you covered there too! Visit our Train My Staff page to learn more.


How do I become a Pretzel Kids yoga teacher?

Sign up for our Pretzel Kids certification and get started today!

Get Certified

How much does certification cost?

Our most popular online training course is our Pretzel Kids Method course+a full year of the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association membership+our mini-course: How to Teach Yoga to Kids with Special Needs. This package costs $798, which can be paid in one or two installments. We also offer an optional ala carte online training course, which costs $498 but does NOT come with a year of the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association membership or the mini-course. We do offer a free month of membership with the ala carte option. After that, the membership is $49/month. 

Our weekend training prices vary.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. Please note that once you purchase the course, it’s only for your use. But, if you have friends who wish to also train (or if you wish to train several teachers at a studio or school), we offer volume purchase rates. Please contact us for pricing.

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What comes with the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association membership?

Please see the Membership page for details!

When does my online Pretzel Kids Method course start and finish?

The certification course is self-paced so you can hop in as soon as you’re ready. You complete the program at your own pace and will receive certification upon completion.

Are there prerequisites to enroll?

Yes! You should have a desire to teach children and make a difference in the world! Also, we recommend that you have some basic familiarity with yoga. If not, no worries. Contact us and we’ll recommend a couple of things you can do to prepare for the course.

Do I need to be a 200-hour yoga teacher to be a Pretzel Kids teacher?

Nope. All are welcome to enroll! 

Can I sign up for the membership if I haven’t taken the Pretzel Kids yoga certification?

Yes, but only if you have taken an approved program. We highly recommend our Pretzel Kids course as this will open up more doors for you. See the membership page for details!

Is this course a Yoga Alliance RYT-C program? If not, can I get continuing ED credits through YA?

Our course is not a 95-hour program through Yoga Alliance. We have opted not to run our course this way because:

  • This option is only available to RYT-200 teachers and, if you have taken a 200-hour program, you don’t then need another 95 hours (in our opinion)
  • Our founder used to offer a 200-hour RYT program and researched the heck out of this. We determined that the most effective way to run our course is to do so independently and offer YOU a high-quality course at a low price point. With that said, YES, this course is eligible for continuing ed credits through the Yoga Alliance. 
How long can I access and use the Pretzel Kids logos and branding materials to market yourself, my kids yoga business and my classes?

After enrolling in the PkTA, you use Pretzel Kids branding, logos and ongoing resources for as long as you are part of the membership community in good standing.

How long can I access the certification course?

You have access to all course material as long as you are a member of the PkTA (for those taking the ala carte course, you have access until you finish the course or for 1 year, whichever comes first. If you join the PkTA, however, your course stays active until if/when you are no longer a member).

Can I use “Pretzel Kids” for my email accounts, social media channels, business name or website domain?

Pretzel Kids is a registered trademark and as such, you cannot use the name for your own business, email accounts, website domain name, or social media accounts. However, because you are a member of the PkTA, you will get licensing rights to use the Pretzel Kids name and logos for your classes and events. For example, if your business name is Kids Yoga with Jaime, you could use our logo on your website and call your classes Pretzel Kids. Think of this like a gym that offers Zumba classes. In summary, with your membership, you can use our logos, name and brand on your own website. For further information, please contact us at info@pretzelkids.com

You can see more answers to your questions about the Pretzel Kids Method course and PkTA membership by scrolling all the way down on this page HERE. 


How do I find a class for my child?

Visit our teacher locator or contact our CEO, Robyn Parets.

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Do you offer private classes or sessions?

Yes, we do! Please contact us and we can discuss your needs.